El-Rom Tourism

The renewed El-Rom tourist site has an objective to become a leading tourist attraction in northen Israel for those that are interested in a fascinating jorney in the Golan Heights. The region is interwoven with history and a deep heritage that present prosperous settlement advanced agriculture and unique nature trails. We will be happy to offer you an exciting experience by way of various and unique activities.
The film "Valley of Tears" :
The presentation describes the heroic story of the "Battle of the Valley of Tears" during the Yom Kippur war, by way of an authentic documentation with advanced characterization that brings an all-inspiring story of the tactics and bravery of the battle. It is a lesson of history and heritage that stresses the soul of empowerment of our troops, their enduring spirit by personal example.
The duration of the movie is 20m
The movie in Hebrew – with the option of subtitle in a variety of languages.

A lamplight tour through the "Valley of Tears" :
We will view and walk through the valley where this battle of so few against so many took place. We will feel how coolness, courage and faith causes ordinary men to become heroes.

A variety of lectures and scenic tours in depth view of the Golan, such as the Geopolitics presentation from the summit of mount Bental, where we can spectacular panoramic view of the north - from Lebanon to Syria.
Here there are old IDF bunkers where we will be given an in depth explanation of the Golan through the years, and an explanation of the security situation in light of the Syrian civil war.