Kurlander Farm

- Pet, feed, learn and experience the real dairy farm work - 
In a “State Of The Art” dairy farm and visitor center we offer a fascinating journey along the milestones of the dairy cow's life.
Learn the secret of milk production,  Meet the newborn calves and experience bottle feeding the calves, dare yourself to hand milking the cows, and try our fresh and tasty chocolate milk.
We invite you to enjoy Cheese making experience: begin with a short and insightful presentation about the principals of Cheese making, then we proceed to the real thing, making fresh cheese using fresh milk,  and at the end of the process you will get to take home the soft and tasty cheese we made.
Have a Welcome reception buffet of our finest cheese, fresh local vegetables and fruits etc. or visit at the Artisan chees and farm shop, there you will find a selection of our farms cheese products, extra virgin organic olive oil, freshly picked fruit and much more…