Magic Date

"Kesem HaTamer" (The Magic of the Date)  invites you to discover the secret of the date.
From the bible time, because of its remarkable dates, Jericho won the title "The City of Dates". Today, at Jericho's entrance, there is a flourishing date orchard which produces exceptional dates as of it was in the old days.
"Kesem HaTamer" invite you to a Jewish experience . wander through the date palms, hear about growing dates in the past and in the present, see a modern date harvest, taste the "Medjoul" dates  straight from the tree (on season), and experience a range of workshops:
Pure Dates Honey Workshop In this workshop you will purchase the necessary knowledge for creating dates honey by yourself by using simple kitchen-tools at home.
Weaving with Date Leaves Workshop in this workshop you will learn how to create different images using simple techniques; we will achieve a real work of art.
Arts and recycling workshop the dates parts are different in both shape and characteristics, gives a range of possibilities for different creations by using simple actions-limited only by your imagination.

Mevo'ot Yericho  is located only 35 min from Jerusalem and 20 min from the Dead Sea.