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We invite you to take a peek at the mysterious Druze community.
The magical experience in Usafia begins with a guided tour through the old alleys of the village, passing by the prayer house, the deserted church, the ancient olive press and scenic views of the area where the guide will to enrich the knowledge about the Druze community through amazing stories about their culture and the hidden religion, rebirth of souls and the army service.
For the end of the tour, in a house of a Druze family, while sitting around the "taboon" oven the visitors will get to know the family. Later, the best of Druze authentic food will be offered to guests, a folklore show accompanied by drumming will be shown while the guests drink tea or coffee with druze dessert. 
It is possible to supplement the visit with music, workshops and performance, or to create full days of fun for all kind of groups.