Saba Haviv

Saba (grandfather) Haviv is one of the first in the Israeli Galilee that made olive products. In an ancient millstone and manual press, he produces the finest galilee olive oil.
At this day, his grandchildren (passed away in 1982) continue his path and manage the oil mill and create quality olive oil from the best olives that grows at this part of the country. Moreover, "Saba Haviv" olive press produce different kind of natural pressed olives, stone-ground sesame tahini, authentic halva and olive oil soaps.
In the harvest season you could watch the procedure of making the oil, and at the olive press in Kibbutz Parod you can learn about the tradition of oil production within stone mill, and to get explanation about the qualities and benefits of the products.
During the visit we invite you to taste varied products of "Saba Haviv".
With prior coordination you will enjoy light meal of Pita (Arabic bread) made in the "taboon" oven, with olive oil, hyssop, tahini, cold and hot drinks.